An investigation was opened after the disappearance of Victorine, 18, on Saturday evening in Villefontaine.


Romane Dartois

An investigation for worrying disappearance was opened and entrusted to the territorial brigade of Villefontaine (north of Isère).

The disappearance of Victorine, 18, is "taken very seriously" by the prosecutor's office in Vienna.

A call for witnesses was launched this Sunday morning on social networks by the relatives of the young woman worried about having no news since Saturday evening.

“She was on her way home,” says her sister Romane, adding that a last call from Victorine was made at the Stade de la prairie at 7 pm.

She has since stopped responding to calls and messages sent to her.

200 people participate in the research

At the time of her disappearance, Victorine, a student at the university of Lyon 3, was dressed in jeans and a pink Nike sweatshirt.

She was wearing white Puma sneakers, large "hoop" earrings, a small white handbag, and sunglasses.

She is 1.65 m tall, has light eyes and very long brown hair.

Sunday morning, nearly 200 people spontaneously took part in beatings to find their trail, indicates

Le Dauphiné Libéré


Without success for the moment.

⚠️ Disappearance in the 38 ⚠️

A young girl, Victorine, barely 18 years old disappeared yesterday at 6:50 pm in Villefontaine (38).

She had missed a bus and was trying to get home the last time she called her sister.

Her parents have no news, please share 🙏🏼

- Sania 🇲🇦 (@SaniaElb) September 27, 2020

A young woman reported missing in Villefontaine ➡️

- Radio Isa (@ RadioIsa38) September 27, 2020


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