On September 26, the Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and Yellow River Golden Triangle International Fruit and Vegetable Expo was held in Quwo County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province.

In the exhibition hall of the Expo Smart Fruit and Vegetable Industry Demonstration Zone, new infrastructure, new technologies, new materials, new equipment and new products in the field of fruit and vegetable industries at home and abroad are displayed.

Want to grow vegetables without land?

Cylindrical and polygonal column aerosol culture can "build a house" for vegetables. The plants hang directly on the surface of the column, saving space and high productivity.

Through the cultivation mode of pipeline hydroponics, the intelligent vegetable forest uses a variety of fruits and vegetables to build a three-dimensional landscape, and tourists shuttle among them to become a new agricultural and vegetable entertainment place.

New products, new technologies, and new formats will be displayed at the Fruit and Vegetable Expo. Fruit farmers and vegetable farmers can appreciate the frontier technology at home and abroad, and the entire industry chain wisdom system from the garden to the table.

(Reporter Qu Lixia)

Editor in charge: [Yu Xiao]