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Confined to better celebrate?

Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee, two economists who won the Nobel Prize in economics in 2019, demand "a collective effort to save Christmas", advancing the idea of ​​confinement in December in France to allow Christmas to be celebrated with the family.

The two Nobel, married in the city, ask to "decree a confinement in the whole territory for the period of Advent, from December 1 to 20" in a column published Saturday by

the World


Limit contamination

This "clear, uniform and transparent" solution aims to limit coronavirus contamination during family gatherings, and in particular those of the elderly, the most affected by the disease, defend the two authors.

They claim that "the educational cost would be very low" with the cancellation or holding online the last two weeks of classes of the calendar year.

The economic cost would be less "important" than that of "canceling Christmas", or of a more drastic re-containment a few weeks later due to contamination during the end of year celebrations.

"Christmas shopping could be encouraged during the month of November", develops the couple.

Otherwise, the rise in contaminations observed in France for several weeks could force the government to re-contain, or even to “ban travel and family reunions” during Christmas.

All the more so since the authors do not imagine from "this autumn" the generalization of "cheap" and "really easy to access" tests which would make it possible to identify carriers of the virus much more quickly, and to place them in quarantine.


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