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Will the virality of social networks help stem the return of the coronavirus epidemic?

At a time when new restrictive measures are imposed everywhere in France, personalities are speaking on the Net and trying to call their subscribers to be vigilant.

This is what Cyril Hanouna decided to do by launching a digital initiative: the “Protect your friends” challenge.

My darlings, from today I am running the hashtag #ProtegeTesPotes!


So that we are all united and responsible in the face of # Covid19!

👉🏽 Film yourself reproducing this gesture and share your video with the hashtag #ProtegeTesPotes!

- Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) September 26, 2020

“It's very important to me what's going on right now.

We wanted an easy gesture and I invite everyone to take it back and post it on social networks, ”says the host to

20 Minutes


In a video published on his various accounts, Cyril Hanouna invites Internet users to reproduce a gesture of social distancing, post it on social networks and spread the word to his relatives.

"I want to educate young people, who follow me a lot, so that they continue to have fun of course by being vigilant," explains Cyril Hanouna.

We must all be responsible for the situation.

Quickly, the columnists of

Touche pas à mon poste

took over, followed by dozens of people on Twitter.

This “karate” grip, as he calls it himself, will it be enough to get the message across?


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