A passenger committed suicide on Air China's first flight, police intervened in investigation

  The Beijing News Express (Reporter Wu Tingting) reported today that on September 23, a passenger on Air China's first flight was suspected of committing suicide and the flight was diverted to Changsha Huanghua Airport.

This afternoon, the reporter learned from authoritative channels that this happened on the flight, and the police have been involved in the investigation.

  Information shows that on September 23, Air China's flight CA4230 from Fuzhou to Chengdu committed suicide in the toilet.

According to Air Travel Zongheng, the flight took off from Fuzhou Changle International Airport at 20:10 on the 23rd. It was originally planned to arrive in Chengdu at 23:5, but it landed at Changsha Huanghua Airport at 21:29.

According to the industry version of Changzhan, the reason for the alternate landing of this flight is "passenger reason-medical emergency".

  This morning, the reporter called the public security department of Changsha Huanghua Airport, and the staff said that if this happened, they would notify the families of the parties concerned.

  This afternoon, the reporter confirmed the matter from authoritative channels. The police have been involved in the investigation, so it is not convenient to disclose the specific details.