With the aim of reclaiming her toy ... a child writes a letter to her 15-meter-tall neighbor in America

A woman is shocked to receive a 15-meter-long letter from her neighbor's daughter asking for her lost toys to be replayed in the backyard.

A child resident of a neighboring house demanded to recover her toys that had fallen into the backyard of her neighbors' house by sending a 15-meter-long written note

According to the British newspaper "The Sun".

The newspaper noted that the owners of the house confirmed that there were no toys in the backyard, but the girl insisted that there were toys for her that had fallen into the garden of their neighbor's house, in one of the American cities.

The owner of the house was shocked when she received a handwritten letter from the 7-year-old girl, 15 meters long, in which she explained that she had toys in the backyard.

In her message, the girl affirmed her right to take back these games, after a debate that lasted for several days about whether or not these games existed.

The owner of the house shared the message on her social media pages, expressing her surprise at the length of the big message.

People commented on the pictures in astonishment, expressing their respect for this child and her extreme insistence on recovering her own games, while others indicated that it was impossible for the little girl to have written this big message on her own, demanding the help of the police.