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A call for "appeasement" after controversial comments.

Cyril Hanouna expressed his point of view on freedom of expression during a debate this Monday on the plateau of

Touche not at my post

on C8 around Freeze Corleone, after the government announced that it had taken justice about several texts deemed "anti-Semitic" and "negationist" by the rapper.

"I assume that when you shock a person, you have to stop," said the host from the outset. The troublemaker of C8 explained that "young people, parents and Jews" can be "extremely shocked ”by the texts of the rapper.

"Mila is shit what she did"

He compared the situation to that of young Mila, threatened with death after insulting Islam in a video posted on social media in response to homophobic slurs.

“Mila is shit what she did.

It is unacceptable.

I am always against jokes and provocations about religions.

Today we know that this is a sensitive subject, ”he said.

And to launch: “Do we really need texts like that today?

Messages like Mila's which is unbearable?

Drawings like those in

Charlie Hebdo

which casually add fuel to the fire?


"Stupidity, irresponsibility and poison"

These remarks sparked a strong uproar on social networks, believing that Cyril Hanouna endangered freedom of expression by amalgamating criticism of religion and discrimination against a person or a group of people because of belonging to a religion.

“You have to see this sequence to measure its stupidity, irresponsibility and poison,” commented Caroline Fourest, former collaborator of the satirical weekly.

The host returned on Wednesday to the controversy on the



not at my post

 : “On freedom of expression, we were casually very divided on the Unes de

Charlie Hebdo


We also had a story with the words of a rapper.

When I received his fan, I told him: “We don't need hate messages”.

With the crisis we are going through, I think we must try to calm things down and avoid hate messages whatever happens in humor, in songs or in sketches ”, explained Cyril Hanouna.

“Just because we say that does not mean that we are not for freedom of expression.

We just say that at this moment, we must try to be in appeasement, ”he said.

Christine Kelly, former member of the Superior Audiovisual Council and columnist for Cyril Hanouna, judiciously concluded: “Freedom of expression stops at the gates of the law.

From the moment we fall under the law for incitement to hatred or something else, there we have to stop ”


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