Jung-Hwan Lim, a star instructor who was confused because he didn't know the group NCT, made a surprise collaboration with NCT and made him laugh.

Yesterday (23rd) NCT 2020 held a live event'WISH 2020' through Naver VLive.

As it was the first live group broadcast with 23 members, it received explosive reactions such as exceeding 12.5 million views and 2.3 billion hearts.NCT 2020 introduced the newly joined members, and plans for future activities and releases soon. He told various stories, such as a regular album spoiler.

In particular, in the video that led to the introduction of NCT 2020, “A person with a deep relationship with us prepared a great video”, a star instructor Lim Jung-hwan, who gathered the topic with “What is NCT?” appeared, surprised the fans watching the live.

"What is NCT?" with 3 million views?

In the video, lecturer Lim Jeong-hwan said, "What is NCT?" when a student mentions NCT during a lecture, but he noticed the cold reaction of the students and quickly replied, "What is NCT! Great people!" .

Instructor Jeong-Hwan Lim introduced plans for future activities in the form of lectures for NCT, which has returned as a super-large project.

He continued explaining with witty comments such as "Isn't it so great from the name of the album?" and "I'm a very great person."

The netizens who saw this showed pleasant reactions such as "Suddenly atmosphere cyber lecture", "I was surprised to see it in real time", "I was a high school 3 fan, but I thought I pressed the video incorrectly".

On October 12th, NCT 2020, which began its full-fledged activities by releasing'NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1', is active as NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV. It is a super-sized project of SM Entertainment, in which a total of 23 members, including 21 existing members, newly joined Shotaro and Sung Chan, participated, and it is receiving hot attention because it allows you to meet the identity and charm of NCT at once.

(Photo = Naver V LIVE broadcast screen capture, Daesung


, NCT YouTube)

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