China News Service Client, September 23. Early on the morning of the 23rd, lightning and rainfall occurred in some areas of Beijing.

According to the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau, there was moderate rain in Beijing on the 23rd. It was obvious that the rainfall was mainly concentrated in the southern and eastern regions, and the local rain was relatively strong.

From 01:00 to 08:00 on the 23rd, the city's average rainfall was 6.6 mm. The largest rainfall occurred in Tongzhou Nineting Camp, 54.0 mm, and the highest rainfall intensity occurred in Tongzhou Nineting Camp, with 41.4 mm of rainfall at 06-07 on the 23rd.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory distributed the blue warning signal of Bray Electric at 07:10 on the 23rd.

According to current data analysis, it is expected that there will be moderate rain in Beijing on the 23rd. The rain will be relatively stable and intermittent, and the rain will gradually weaken and end in the second half of the night.

The average rainfall during the process is moderate rain (5-15 mm), 10-20 mm in the east and south (30-50 mm in the local area).