Chef Pierre Troisgros in 1990 -


A legend of French gastronomy!

The three-star chef Pierre Troisgros died at the age of 92,

Le Progrès

learned on

Wednesday, information confirmed by AFP.

The chef developed his passion for French gastronomy at the Hôtel Moderne, the family restaurant in Roanne owned by his parents Jean-Baptiste and Marie Troisgros.

With his CAP in his pocket, he cut his teeth alongside the great chef Gaston Richard with his brother Jean in Paris at Lucas Carton, a prestigious restaurant in the 8th arrondissement.

Their fellow cook is called Paul Bocuse.

The leading figures of "nouvelle cuisine"

After a visit to La Pyramide de Vienne near Lyon, at Maxim's, he returned with his brother to Roanne to work with his father.

Pierre is in the kitchen, Jean is a master saucier and their father Jean-Baptiste becomes a master sommelier.

The establishment was renamed Les Frères Troisgros in 1957. Together, they would become the leading figures of “nouvelle cuisine” with Paul Bocuse.

The Michelin Guide awarded them their first star in 1955, the second in 1965 and their very prestigious third star in 1968. "I discovered the best restaurant in the world", wrote Christian Millau, on the cover of his magazine 

Gault et Millau

in 1968. Even in retirement, Pierre Troisgros kept his passion intact and in 2004 joined the jury for the Best Workers in France competition.

A passion that he passed on to Michel, his son, as well as to César and Léo, his grandchildren who took up the torch.


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