Nobel Prize in Physics Professor Amano et al. Develop new technology for wireless power transmission September 23, 19:34

A research group led by Professor Hiroshi Amano, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics, announced that he has developed a new technology that can efficiently transmit power wirelessly.

Technology that sends power wirelessly without using electric wires has been put to practical use in smartphone chargers, but the problems are that the amount of power that can be sent is small and the distance is short.

As a result of working on the development of new technology using microwaves, the research group of Professor Amano and others succeeded in making the efficiency of power conversion during power transmission one of the highest in the world, and Nobel. Using the blue light-emitting diode material "gallium nitride," which was the recipient of the Physics Award, we have developed a component that can receive about three times as much power wirelessly as before.

The research group wants to establish a system that wirelessly sends 10 watt class power by the next fiscal year.

If it is put into practical use, it is expected that it will be possible to send electricity to drones in flight and collect data on river water levels even in places where there are no electric wires.

Professor Amano says, "It may become a future social infrastructure that can supply energy to where it is needed and when it is needed, such as being able to remotely transmit electricity to areas where electricity is scarce in the event of a disaster."