Presenter Cyril Hanouna.



A bold call!

Cyril Hanouna called Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Rally, live from the



not at my post

on C8 on Monday.

. @ Cyrilhanouna calls @MLP_officiel live in #TPMP

- TPMP (@TPMP) September 21, 2020

The host first assured his columnists that he had the phone number of Marine Le Pen, who has always declined the invitations of the troublemaker of C8.

He grabbed his cell phone.

Cyril Hanouna dialed the number by activating the loudspeaker.

The person concerned did not respond.

Whatever, the one his fans nickname Baba left a message on the politician's answering machine: “Madame Le Pen, it's Mr. Hanouna.

He's the Pakistani of TV.

Could you call me back?

I saw you wouldn't come on one of my shows.

It's a shame because I wanted to invite you to the nightclubs (the

Take it or leave it program


There was 300,000 euros to be won.

We embrace you, especially Bernard Montiel ”Another joke, which amused the chroniclers and divided the Twittos.


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