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Albert Rivera

left politics and was never seen again.

He gave his resignation speech and closed the door to public life and, especially, to politics.

Few things have been known about

Albert Rivera

since then unless you took a magazine from the heart, but

Albert Rivera

has returned, and returns as the 'unmasker' of

Pedro Sánchez

, in "the pardillo" - he said it - who left if it was the day he realized that they had won the game, in the free man who has regained his freedom.

Albert Rivera

, who was the leader of Ciudadanos for 13 years, stepped on a set again last night and chose

El Hormiguero

and chose

Pablo Motos

because if you have to go back - to present a book - who wouldn't do it to the place where you were happy.

This is not the time to remember because last night's interview in

El Hormiguero

was one of the long ones, like Miguel Ángel Revilla, but surely you remember those interviews on

Pablo Motos' program

with all the candidates for the elections -except for Pedro Sánchez- in which of all those who were the only one who was really happy, the only one who had fun, the only one who showed his good harmony with the presenter was him and nothing more than him.

So, let no one be surprised by




Pablo Motos

when he gave him one of the copies of his book: "For Pablo, a television genius and a free citizen."

Because now with

Albert Rivera

you don't have to read between the lines.

Obviously, the interview turned little about his book.

Too many months in the area of ​​privacy, too many months without talking, too many months under the lull of privacy.

And even speaking little of his book, everything he said is in his book.

In it he tells the same thing that he told last night in

El Hormiguero

, his resignation, his non-agreement with Pedro Sánchez, the game that he lost and that they won, the reasons why he did not reach an agreement with the now president of the Government, but above all It was an interview to close (or open?) old wounds, to say what he did not mean at the time,

to clean, polish and shine


"Do you remember the exact moment you made the decision to leave?" Was the first question in an interview that gave me the feeling of being very corseted, and if the word is not corseted, then it is selective.

There were so many things to ask and so many clubs to play.

"It turns out that I found fragments of the resignation speech in September and the campaign was in November.

The reality is that I made the decision the Saturday before the elections

. I called José Manuel Villegas, on my right hand, and said José Manuel yes we stayed below 20 seats and I have to go ".

Come on, what a politician never says, what things are glimpsed weeks before the results and always hide, in reality, is true.

"The defeat belongs to the leader. And indeed the polls were bad and the results were very bad.

I had always dreamed of the day when I would leave politics

and I thought it was ridiculous to see myself on an election night with an electoral bump saying that it had been fault of luck ".

A politician's word, sorry, a free man.

"To be free is to respect the freedom of others", there is that.

Albert Rivera and the Myth of the Cave

Because if something made clear last night in

El Hormiguero

Albert Rivera

is that he is a free man and enjoys his freedom.

He assured several times during the interview that he was also free during his political stage and that when he thought he stopped being so, he left it, but what was seen last night no matter how much he defended and praised his years in politics was one of the men of the Myth of the Plato's cave.

From being in the dark to seeing the light, from living for and by politics to living for him and his family because "with politics you miss so many things ... and now I realize that the important thing is at home.

Now I am serving those who are most important to me in this country, mine

. "

And not only because of that, not only because of what politics was taking away from him, but that aura of resentment, of reproach, of I have to tell it, I have to vent, I have to let it go came off many times during the interview.

However, and although he no longer wants to know anything about politics because he

made it very clear that he is not going to come back even as a joke,

"opening the channel" is always grateful.

In fact, during the publicity a situation occurred that if it had happened to him before leaving politics he would have ended with a smile and that's it.

Apparently, someone from the public began to shout "president, president ..." and

Albert Rivera's


was not that of a politician, it was the one who no longer has to answer to anyone, nor the one who has to put on the disguise of public service, nor candidate: "Yes. Now, no ...".

Perhaps it is because what he tells in his book would have been better for (everyone) to tell it at the time.

"What did you do so wrong?"

Pablo Motos


, not wanting to bother.

"At least one of them is that a part of our electorate stayed at home. Second, I knew what Sánchez wanted, that


was going to agree with Podemos and with the nationalists, and he got a good strategy. He is president of the Government and I have left politics. He told me that his priority partner was Podemos and I did not know how to transmit it. And the third, I have been a good candidate almost always, but I sinned a little bit. We were digging up Franco , the polirisation was palpable and it occurred to me to raise the white flag (...)

If the others play their game well and you are late for the game ...


Well, they beat you by a landslide.

Rivera, the debunker


Albert Rivera

did not leave sad, nor defeated, nor sunk.

Albert Rivera

was released: "For me the resignation speech was liberating. I thought I was going to fall apart, but I have seen the video and I have a sad smile, but nothing happens. You can resign. When things do not go well, you take and it goes away and nothing happens ".

Liberator, coming out of the cavern?

The same is that we are effectively not used to seeing a politician resign when mistakes are made, the same is that we are used to politicians anchoring themselves to their seat or the same is that

Albert Rivera


needed to free himself.

Rivera wanted to govern, he wanted what in electoral time he called a Government of change and it could not be.

Last night he wielded many, but there was one, sorry, there was one who took the cake.


Pablo Motos

insisted on something

last night, it was with the pact that could be and never was, the Sánchez-Rivera pact.

Rivers of ink have been written about that non-pact and there will be many versions and ideas, but the only ones who really know what happened were they.

At the moment I do not see Sánchez sitting in

El Hormiguero

- it has to rain a lot - giving his version, but


tells it in his book and, of course, he was not going to miss the opportunity to tell it in

El Hormiguero


"I did not agree with


because Sánchez did not want to. He wanted to agree with Podemos and the nationalists. He told me: 'My priority is Podemos and I have agreements with the nationalists in Navarra and other places.' That is, I really want to agree I didn't have it with me. And the other is that I won 57 seats and kept my word, I wanted a government of change,

I didn't want to just support a government of Sánchez

. "

Sound like the liberated man or the politician?

Where there was fire, ashes remain.


Well of course.

"It freaks me out that in this country ambition is considered a bad thing. Man, of course I was running to govern and wanted to govern! I have been offered the vice presidency of the Government once and Rajoy did it, and I did not accept it because I did not I saw myself defending the Gürtel and other cases, but I didn't see myself agreeing with the nationalists either. "

So, "doesn't it take away your sleep to think that Spain could be in a situation of stability if you had offered Sánchez a pact?"




And then

the debunker


that good debunker will be


"I did it, it's in the newspaper library. I did it in September and Sánchez said we were going to elections. I offered him a PP, Citizens and PSOE pact. This country has Sánchez as president because this country wanted Sánchez as president. This country has Pablo Iglesias as vice president because Sánchez chose him. I wish I had been wrong and Sánchez would have agreed with PP and Ciudadanos, but he agreed with Podemos. I wish I had unmasked him before, but I was wrong. I sleep like a log because when I see the president giving my condolences to Bildu and ETA, I think that if I were in that government, I would not know where to go ".

And the question that occurs to me is

why didn't he unmask it earlier?

He was late for departure.

Rivera, Malú and privacy



is happy, now


talks about


, his daughter, his family without the shell of politics making him separate his private life from his public life.

Being a politician, he dodged questions about


like the one who dodges bullets, now he doesn't even back away.

In fact, now he talks about Malú and talks about his privacy, demanding an intimacy and privacy that have now become his ordeal.

"First of all, you don't choose who you fall in love with and in a relationship of this nature I understand that you have all the interest. But can someone tell me why I can't go to the beach like everyone else? Why do I take my daughter to a review and five paparazzi cars follow me and I have to turn around? I think that privacy is a right of all Spaniards, whether you are anonymous or known. "

"We have been a rock and we have shown it. We are a family and we have Lucia and we are happy", but it was not always all rosy, there were painful moments and there still are, when they follow their mother-in-law, their mother, to them, when "lies" are published.

It doesn't destroy them, but what about others?

"I would settle for a law that says that everyone, be they politicians, celebrities ... have the right to privacy."

Let him tell La Pantoja


"Love won


" he


And I really think so, that love won and politics lost, family won and

Albert Rivera

, leader of Ciudadanos,



Now Albert Rivera is happy in the private sector, he is happy being a lawyer, he is happy enjoying "what is important", but

the avenger debunker

has awakened.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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