Many students came this Tuesday for the kick off of the campus week in Rennes 2. -

J. Gicquel / 20 Minutes

  • Before class resumes on Monday, a welcome week is organized on the Rennes 2 university campus.

  • Many students do not hide their impatience to resume lessons and to find their classmates.

  • This new school year, which promises to be special, is also a source of concern for some.

A DJ on the decks, an associative bar serving the chain of hot dogs and lines of masked students wisely waiting to collect goodies.

With the kickoff this Tuesday of Campus Week, a festive week to welcome students, the University of Rennes 2 has regained some of its agitation.

It is not yet time to resume classes.

Because for the vast majority of students, the real start will take place on Monday, the management of the university having decided in July to postpone the resumption of fifteen days.

"This reinforced week of welcome will serve as a test, in particular to see whether the sanitary instructions are well respected and how traffic operates on campus", underlines Céline Pique, vice-president of the university in charge of life. student and campus life.

Mix of face-to-face and distance courses

This Tuesday also marks the time of reunion for the students, who are generally rather delighted to be on campus.

“After this strange period, I am really happy to resume classes,” says Maëlle, a first year geography student.

Everyone is however well aware that the university year promises to be still special with a mixture of face-to-face and distance courses.

"It will not be a year like the others but we will do the best we can," says Fabien Caillé, student vice-president of the university.

Behind the smiles, however, some students do not hide their concerns before the recovery.

"The program of last year was still well truncated, I do not know suddenly if we will have remedial courses at the beginning of the year", wonders Kévin, student in sociology.

Morgane, who is entering L3 geography, is worried about not having received her course program yet.

"Without this schedule, it's impossible to organize to find a student job," she pleaded.

Others like Mélanie are also worried about having to take distance education again.

"It's really scary to have to work alone in your student room, I can concentrate much more in an auditorium", assures the young woman.

Aware of the difficulties caused, the university management promises that all services, such as the library, computer rooms or cultural places, will be open to accommodate students despite a still limited capacity.

“Classes are resuming, but it's also important to maintain social and cultural life on campus,” says Céline Piqué.


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