Every morning, Nicolas Beytout analyzes political news and gives us his opinion.

This Tuesday, he returns to the bad patch that La République en Marche is going through, in particular following the announcement of the departure of Pierre Person, the number two of the party who no longer got along with Stanislas Guérini.

The number 2 of the party La République en Marche resigned this Monday with a crash of his attributions.

He remains a member of the President's party, but it's a red alert.

Yes, because that's not the only worrying sign at the moment.

It is true that it had been months since the number 2 (Pierre Person) no longer got along at all with the number 1 of the party (Stanislas Guérini).

But, frankly, internal rivalries, clash of ambitions, this is the case at the head of many political parties.

No, there is a red alert because the rupture is taking place against a background of political orientation.

Pierre Person comes from the left, from the PS, and he disputes the point of balance in Emmanuel Macron's policy, which is symbolized by the weight of the right-wing ministers in a government still led by a man on the right.

It bothers him and he's not the only one, far from it.

Others came before him, they even quit the party altogether.

A large half-dozen of them left for the Modem.

Last May, 17 deputies ensured that the party of Emmanuel Macron, ultra-majority in 2017, finds itself today under the fateful threshold of 289 deputies, the absolute majority.

Everything all right for those who stay?

Well no, precisely.

We saw it during the election of their new group President: Christophe Castaner won without glory when he was clearly the candidate chosen by Emmanuel Macron.

This means that a small half of his own party, a small half of those who owe their election to him, today shows a need for emancipation from the head of state.

They do this by taking time off from groups or responsibilities.

Otherwise, they do it by creating micro-parties within a party.

One of them, called "Territories of Progress", has just met this weekend with the participation of six ministers and secretaries of state, all from the left.

For the moment, these are still only apparatus maneuvers, but the concrete consequences of this disorder in the party are starting to be felt.

Sunday, we voted in France.

Six deputies were to be elected in partial legislative elections.

All the candidates labeled LREM were eliminated in the first round, including in the constituency of an outgoing MP.

This is a disastrous result which follows the underperformance of the municipal authorities and which probably heralds difficult regional elections in six months.

Among the obsessions of François Mitterrand, politician among politicians, there was the punctilious monitoring of by-elections from which he always drew a lesson.

This time he would surely have said "Red Alert".