Singer Jang Jae-in confessed that she had suffered sexual violence in the past and comforted those with the same wounds.

On the 22nd, Jae-in Jang conveyed his gratitude to his SNS, saying, "Thank you," and said, "The album started with that incident."

Although he did not specifically explain what the'incident' referred to by Jang Jae-in, it seems to be the victim of sexual violence at the age of 18.

"Since then, a year has passed, and at the age of 19, I have been informed that I have properly caught the killer. The person who did that to me was a man my age," he said.

“The hardest part at the time was that the child was also bullied by other children,” he said. “When I saw me passing through the winter road, I saw whether I promised'If I do that to that person, I will not bother you. The reason it was difficult to hear is that if the child is also a victim, the thought of what the hell am I? What am I going through? was the most heartbreaking thing," he said at the time.

Jang Jae-in, who has now become an adult and has discernment, expressed regret, saying, "At that time, I think it would be great if there was someone who said,'It wasn't your fault that this happened.'

He said, "More than I thought, even though they were victims, they would be living with shame and guilt as I did," he said. "I gained strength and endured seeing a singer who went through the same thing as me. I hope that the singing will be a strength to someone who has gone through the same and similar things.”

Prior to this, Jang Jae-in confessed his wounds by posting a long article on social media this morning.

He said, "It took 11 years to tell this story." I started."

In this article, I didn't mention what the'events I don't want to talk about at the age of 18', but the second social media post revealed that it was the victim of sexual violence.

Jae-in Jang said, “As a child, I have suffered the same things as me or other painful things, and stood up while watching the singers singing nicely.” “As I did, I received a lot of improvement. If I could convey that courage even a little, then would the events I've been through make sense?” Such thoughts seem to have held me in the worst situation and still, I would like to be true if I can.” He expressed his desire to give courage to others as well as unraveling the story.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)