Ice making work at a skating rink in Tokyo as early as September 22, 13:06


Although the harsh heat has subsided and the number of comfortable days has increased, ice making work is already being carried out at skating rinks in Tokyo.

At Edogawa Ward Sportsland in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, the indoor facility that used to be a pool in the summer will be open as a skating rink from the 1st of next month.

Ice making work was being carried out before the start of business, and on the 22nd, two workers sprinkled water with a hose and put ice on the link.

This is the only ward skating rink in Tokyo, and it is said that about 2000 people visit each year, often in a day.

However, this year we plan to limit the usage time to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, and in addition to switching between morning and afternoon on weekdays, we will limit the usage time to 2 hours on busy Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. is.

In addition, the skating rink will not be opened for one hour during the lunch break, and skating shoes and helmets for rent will be disinfected.

In addition to asking users to submit a check sheet to report whether they have a fever and their physical condition, we also ask them to wear a mask.

Hideyuki Nakashima, director of Edogawa Sportsland, said, "We are working hard to provide good quality ice. We hope you will enjoy your cooperation in infection prevention measures."