On September 22, Shanghai’s first long-span cable-stayed bridge over 200 meters, Maogang Bridge, started the demolition project, officially bidding farewell to the historical stage.

It is reported that the Maogang Bridge was completed and opened to traffic in June 1982. It was the largest concrete cable-stayed bridge in China at that time and was also a test bridge for the Shanghai Nanpu Bridge.

After nearly 40 years of operation, the bridge has suffered structural aging, damage, and corrosion of stay cables.

With the upgrade of the Pingshen Line below, this old bridge is increasingly unable to meet the needs of water and land transportation, and upgrading is imperative.

It is reported that the demolition of Maogang Bridge is scheduled to be completed in February 2021.

The picture shows the middle deck of the old bridge was cut into four pieces and removed one by one.

The northern half of the newly built Maogang Bridge is open to traffic.

Photo by Zhang Hengwei

Release time: 2020-09-22 19:03:16 【Editor: Wang Yi】