China News Service, Xining, September 21 (Hu Guilong, Pan Yujie) "Poetry is not only a simple tool for expressing oneself and reflecting the reality of suffering. Poets should devote themselves to creating language value, and their works bear witness to the soul and mind of the nation, and reflect the poetic charm of Chinese." On the 20th, Wang Jiaxin, a professor at Renmin University of China, said.

  From September 19 to 21, the 3rd Chang Yao Poetry Award Presentation Ceremony and a symposium to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Mr. Chang Yao’s death was held in Qinghai. More than 70 poets and critics from all over the country gathered to conduct multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional, Deeply interpret and explain, and make suggestions for contemporary poetry creation.

  Chang Yao was originally named Wang Changyao and his ancestral home was Taoyuan, Hunan.

During his lifetime, he participated in the Volunteer Army's entry into North Korea. In 1955, he rushed to Qinghai and served successively in the Qinghai Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Provincial Writers Association, and the editorial department of the "Qinghai Lake" magazine. In 2000, he was awarded the "First Chinese Poet Award" by the Chinese Poetry Society and was hailed as " The history of Chinese new poetry is a peak."

  "Chang Yao used solid child skills and a high degree of self-consciousness and diligence to create characters with a'bronze texture'." In Wang Jiaxin's view, today's poetry language is too "white water" and simple and superficial, which is worthy of reflection.

  "Chang Yao deeply planted the roots of life in the plateau land, and synchronized and transformed life experience and poetry creation. He still believes in love despite the failure of love, which many poets cannot do." Professor Xi of the School of Humanities, Tsinghua University Du said.

  In contrast to the beauty of the plateau land and folk customs presented by Changyao’s works, Liaoyuan, a professor at Weihai Vocational College, said that nowadays poetry creation has lost the sensibility and expressive power of the beauty of nature. “We are faced with the majestic scenery, which can only be attributed to the distant place. , Soul questioning and other big talk."

  Wang Junyi, a graduate student majoring in comparative literature at Qinghai University for Nationalities, believes that evaluating the quality of poetry should not just look at the general form. “Many of the popular oral poems on the Internet come from various local dialects, and they are more grounded. I think whether it is spoken or written, The most important thing in poetry is accurate expression." He said.

  "Post-95" Wang Junyi feels that the reason why young poets can hardly be as "sensitive" as Changyao may be that "long-term indoctrination of exam-oriented education, lack of active life experience and a growing environment for ears and eyes", "we mainly use philosophy and theory. Get in touch with and understand poetry, and develop a stereotype of thinking," he said.

  In addition, experts pointed out that the important role played by university scholars, critics, literary history editors and textbook compilations in constructing poets’ literary status should not be ignored. “Poets must establish a unique image in order for their works to leave traces in time.” Beijing Normal University Tan Wuchang, director of the Research Center for Contemporary Chinese Poetry, said.

  "Poets should uphold the mission of heaven and earth and protect the righteousness," said Ban Guo, secretary and chairman of the Qinghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, at the end of the forum. "I think if you understand this connotation, it will be the best memorial to Mr. Chang Yao." (End) )