The popular TikTok application, threatened with ban in the United States in the name of national security, will be able to remain in the country: Donald Trump gave the green light on Saturday to a project involving Oracle and Walmart.

Last week, American employees at TikTok arguably counted the hours.

Without an agreement from the White House on the repurchase of the application, TikTok would be withdrawn Sunday from all download platforms in the United States.

A real blow for the most downloaded app of the year in the world - and which has 100 million users across the Atlantic.

But this weekend, Donald Trump, who accuses TikTok of transferring the data of its American users to China, finally validated a solution in extremis.

"I gave my approval to the agreement. If they materialize it so much the better. If not, that will also be okay", declared the Republican president, before taking off for a meeting of campaign in North Carolina.

But what does China think?

TikTok, a subsidiary of Chinese group ByteDance, confirmed shortly after preparing a plan to create a new company involving Oracle as a technology partner in the United States and Walmart as a business partner.

This is not exactly what the American president was asking for, who wanted an American company to buy out the American operations of TikTok altogether.

In the end, it is console in two ways: it is Oracle, an American company, which will manage the data collected by TikTok.

And by entering the capital of the subsidiary, Oracle will also be able to inspect TikTok code.


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Let us recall in passing that Oracle is one of the companies that has supported Donald Trump the most since coming to power, which is probably not for nothing in the president's decision to validate this agreement.

There is still one uncertainty: will China in turn agree to or refuse the transaction, at the risk of seeing TikTok shut down in the United States?