One year after the girl was unknown at the campsite Police searched again Yamanashi September 21, 18:16

It's been 21 days since I lost track of the whereabouts of an elementary school girl in Chiba prefecture at a campsite in Doshi village, Yamanashi prefecture.

On the 21st, police and family members are searching the area around the scene again and calling for information.

Misaki Ogura (8), a second grader in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, went missing on September 21, a year ago, at a campsite in Doshi Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, where she was visiting with her family and friends.

On the 21st, police riot police searched the area again, looking into the river where the campsite stream flows, and diving into a dam downstream of the river, looking for clues leading to Misaki.

In addition, Misaki's mother and police handed out about 900 leaflets describing Misaki's characteristics and the situation at that time at campsites, etc., and stopped the cars passing by the site to provide information. I was calling.

Tomoko, her mother, said, "I can say" a miracle when I come back, "but for my family, it is inevitable that I will come back, so I will continue to look for Misaki with a strong feeling that I will definitely come back. I will. "

Hideki Kobayashi, Chief of the Life Safety Division of the Otsuki Police Station of the Yamanashi Prefectural Police, said, "We will continue to investigate related information one by one and proceed with activities for discovery protection in consideration of all possibilities."

Information is provided to the Otsuki Police Station at "0554-22-0110".