Tomorrow (22nd) is the autumnal equinox of the season, where the length of the day and night will be the same, but as the season has entered a divergence, the weather is clearly getting chilly.

Today's daytime highest temperature in Seoul rose to 25.3 degrees, but it will drop to 15 degrees tomorrow morning, and Daegwallyeong's temperature will also drop to around 6 degrees and around 10 degrees in the central region.

You need to control your body temperature well.

Nevertheless, the blue, open sky always makes people feel good.

Even today, the clouds are only a little dark, and the clear sky is spreading, and tomorrow, the blue sky will continue without any rain forecast.

However, in the eastern coastal regions affected by the east wind, raindrops will drop a little until morning, and thick fog will form all over the inland until morning.

Tomorrow morning, the temperature will drop to 15 degrees in Seoul, 14 degrees in Daejeon and 14 degrees in Daegu.

The maximum temperature during the day will be 25 degrees in Seoul and 24 degrees in Daejeon.

For the time being, the inland sky will be generally clear, and you need to pay attention to the large daily temperature difference.

(Meteorological Caster Tae Bin)