Xinhua News Agency, Los Angeles, September 20 -

Summary: "Inheritance of War", "wealthy poor road" "Watchmen" triumph in the 72nd Emmy Awards

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Shan

  The 72nd US "Prime Time Emmy Awards" held an awards ceremony on the 20th. "Inheritance", "The Rich and Poor Road" and "Watchmen" became the winners, respectively winning three categories of drama, comedy and limited drama The best drama award.

  As the new crown epidemic is still ongoing, this Emmy Awards adopts an online awards model.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards ceremony in an empty scene at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Many stars scattered around the world interacted with the host through video connections.

This is the first large-scale awards ceremony held in Hollywood since the new crown epidemic.

  In this edition of the Emmy Awards, the HBO drama "War of Inheritance" dominated the drama category and won four awards, including the heaviest drama award for the best drama.

"War of Inheritance" revolves around the battle for power and profit between the Roy family of international media giants.

This is also the third consecutive year that HBO Television Network won the Emmy Award for Best Drama in the Drama category. "Game of Thrones" monopolized the award for HBO in the previous two years.

  Jeremy Strong won the best actor in a drama category with "War of Inheritance". This is Strong's first Emmy Award.

The 24-year-old actress Zendaya won the Best Actress Award in a Drama category for the HBO drama "Excitement", becoming the youngest ever winner of the award.

The best supporting actor and actress in the drama category are Billy Crudup from "Morning News" and Julia Garner from "The Place of Dark Money".

  "The Rich and Poor Road" swept seven major comedy awards, including the best drama in the comedy category.

The film tells the story of a super-rich family who had to move to a remote town they bought casually to make a living after going bankrupt.

Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy, who were the creators of the show, won the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Awards in a comedy respectively, becoming the first father-son partner to win the Emmy Awards in the same year.

  "Watchmen" is the strongest in the limited drama category. It won four awards including the best limited drama. Regina King won the best actress award in the limited drama.

Mark Rafallo won the best actor award in a limited series with the series "I Know This Is Real".