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The gigantic yellow crane of the

Harland and Wolff shipyards

can be seen from practically any corner of

Northern Ireland's

capital Belfast


For something, this company was one of the most thriving at the beginning of the 20th century, not only in the city, but in the entire planet.

She was


on a ship.

But not just anyone, of course.

If not the


the largest ocean liner in the world

at the time and which was built here thanks to the superhuman effort of more than

15,000 men

who did not cease their efforts day or night for three years, from 1909 to 1912.

From Belfast he headed for


, in the south of England, to depart on April 10, 1912 with

final destination to New York


Although everyone knows that it would never come ... More than a century later, the Northern Irish city pays tribute to its history through an entire neighborhood, that of the

old shipyards

, which has managed to reinvent itself and become the fashionable place of the city.

Where there were once


containers and shipyards,

now a

modern block of apartments and offices, interesting restaurants, pubs renewed, a walk


that runs flush with the

Lagan River

to which there lacks a bike path ...

Time travel

The most important thing would be missing: a handful of buildings linked, of course, with the mythical ship.

From the six-story,



that traces its entire history to the

SS Nomadic


that carried the wealthiest passengers.

Not forgetting the current

Titanic Hotel,

which at the time served to house the offices of the Harland and Wolff company.

Statue that simulates Kate Winslet in the James Cameron film.

We begin the tour of the museum, a

14,000 square meter


that is located in the exact place where the ship left in 1912 to (try) to carry out the greatest nautical feat of its time.

And he did so "in perfect condition", as the managers of the

White Star Line

shipping company

to which the ship belonged



It also owned two other ocean liners, the

RMS Olympic

and the

HMHS Britannic



height of the building

, which simulates the shape of a bow between a tangle of ice and waves, is the same as that of the


from keel to bridge: 27 meters.

A sculpture in front of the façade that traces the already mythical pose of the actress

Kate Winslet

(or Rose) looking at the sea with

Leonardo DiCaprio

(Jack) in the

James Cameron


welcomes the million visitors that the museum receives every year .

The figure has earned him the award for the best tourist attraction in the world at the

World Travel Awards

, the Oscars for tourism at an international level.

The office of Thomas Andrews Jr., Principal of Harland & Wolff.

Inside, the virtues, miseries and

anecdotes of the ship

are told


You can see the difference between the first, second and third class cabins, in addition to visiting the interactive room where you can access the archive of

Robert Duane Ballard,

oceanographer who discovered the remains of the


in 1985 the remains of the ship, at 4,000 meters deep.

There is no lack of a dive into an underground cave like the one the workers worked in during



In addition, you can tour the engine room and deck of the ship and dive through countless clippings of how the press covered both the departure and the sinking of the ship.

Life aboard the 'Titanic'

Another of the galleries is entirely dedicated to the day of the sinking that April 14, 1912, focusing on the possible causes.

The lives of the passengers of the ocean liner (victims and survivors) are also detailed.

Like that of Charlotte Elizabeth Brennan, Harland & Wolff stenographer who managed to emerge unscathed from the tragedy, later moving to Canada and who donated the ship's ticket to the museum.

Interior of the museum dedicated to the ocean liner.

Very close to the museum are the

SS Nomadic

, the steamboat that served as a ferry for the passengers of the ocean liner, and the

HS Caroline

, a warship from

World War I.

Both can be visited.

Another strong point of this port neighborhood with identity is the

Titanic hotel,

built in the former offices of the White Star Line, with 119 rooms decorated in

an art deco style

that allow you to go back to the beginning of the 20th century.

A cocktail in honor of Jack and Rose

It is impressive to enter the

telephone exchange

that received the first call of the shock against the iceberg that caused the disaster and that has remained as it is over time: a wooden table and several chairs around it.

In one of the walls, yes, you can see how the entire building was remodeled.

Another of the favorite corners of the visitors is the old


Design Office

, built in 1880 and now in immaculate white.

The original Victorian vault remains.

The former Titanic design room of the eponymous hotel

There is also now the signature cocktail bar, very crowded at




The most demanded are the

Jack & Rose,

in honor of the protagonists of Cameron's film,

Ms. Milvina Dean,

the last survivor of the sinking of the


whose real name was Elizabeth Gladys Dean, who died on May 31, 2009. She was also the youngest on the journey, barely two months and 13 days old when the accident took place in the icy waters of

the North Atlantic


Exterior of the SS Nomadic steam shuttle.

The hotel does not lack the classic

tea time

with all the required British paraphernalia.

A room adjoining the Design Room also allows you to see an infinite collection of

commercial posters

, original black and white photographs and posters linked both to the company's original ships and to the thousand and one film versions that have been made of the event.

This type of work is repeated throughout the hotel, reaching the figure of more than 100. The office of the director of the Harland & Wolff ship design department,

Thomas Andrews Jr.,

has also been kept exactly the same as before the accident.

He died in the Atlantic along with the other 1,316


from the shipwreck.

Practical Guide

How to get.

Aer Lingus

flies to Dublin from Madrid from 150 euros.

Belfast is less than two by car or bus from the Irish capital.

Where to



The elegant 62-room boutique Malmaison hotel is built on two rival Italian-style warehouses built in 1860. Its restaurant and lounge are well worth a visit for afterwork time.

Their Sunday brunch is also interesting.

From 150 euros per night.

Where to eat.

Bert's Jazz Bar


The Nationa

l, two gastro references with live music every night (from 45 euros both).

Deanes Meat Locker,

a fine dining restaurant run by Belfast's most celebrated chef, Michael Deane.

Another recommendable place is

Hologan's at the Barge

, located in an authentic boat on the banks of the Lagan River (traditional food with a creative touch; from 35 euros).

Do not skip the essential

The Muddlers Club

, including a Michelin star (from 90 euros).

More information


On the

Irish Tourism

(www.turismodeirlanda.com, in Spanish) and

Northern Ireland Tourism




According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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