Broadcaster Ham So-won said that the monthly cost of living is 7.5 million won.

On the 19th aired on SBS Plus'Chondangpo', Ham So-won appeared as a 5th customer and shared economic concerns.

The monthly living expenses of a family that Sowon Ham revealed is 7.5 million won.

This was also the amount of money spent a month excluding 1 million won in my husband's allowance.

For detailed items, he explained, "Baby sitter's monthly salary is about 3 million won, daughter raising expenses of 1 million won, various utility bills of about 400,000 to 500,000 won, and food expenses of about 2 million won."

The expert pointed out that "the average meal cost for a family of 4 is about 660,000 won per month," and that it is 3 to 4 times the average meal cost.

Ham So-won added, "After my mother came, the cost of food went up. I also bought a whole pig."

Even though they were married, they also expressed concerns that their economic concept was different. Ham So-Won said, "My husband doesn't know the world," he said, "I don't know when the dangers will come, so I have to save money, and my husband thinks that spending the present time happily is more important than money."

In response, experts said, "It is good to let your husband know the fun of saving money."

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)