China News Service, Haikou, September 20 (Reporter Zhang Qianyi) The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday of the National Day of 2020 is approaching. The Epidemic Prevention and Control Group of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters of Hainan Province announced on the 19th the new crown during the "Eleventh" period Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work measures requirements.

The measure requires that people who have directly entered and arrived in Qiong shall undergo a 14-day centralized quarantine medical observation in the centralized isolation of the city of entry port, and carry out a nucleic acid test on the 1st and 13th days.

Those arriving in Qiong from ports of other provinces shall pass through with a negative nucleic acid test result after the expiration of the centralized isolation period.

  In terms of employee health management, Hainan requires personnel serving passengers in scenic spots, airport terminals, catering units, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other units to do their own protection and health management. They must take body temperature checks and wear masks before starting work. .

  During the "October" holiday period, Hainan requires the tourist service center of the scenic spot to have 75% alcohol cotton balls or other disinfectants and other items for free use by tourists, and strictly follow technical regulations to manage and use safety precautions.

Strengthen the ventilation of transportation tools, clean and disinfect the compartments of vehicles before carrying passengers every time the vehicle travels, and keep textiles such as seat covers clean and wash and disinfect regularly.

The restaurant environment is disinfected once a day, and the dining table and dining chair are disinfected after use. Strict and effective disinfection measures must be implemented for tableware supplies. It is recommended to use public chopsticks and spoons, and disposable tableware when necessary.

Clean and disinfect frequently used public supplies and facilities, such as storage cabinets, elevator buttons, escalator handrails, toilet door handles, and public trash cans.

The factories and supermarkets that process and sell imported cold-chain foods, farmer’s markets, amusement equipment, parking lots, rest areas, public toilets, elevator rooms and other key places are cleaned and disinfected daily, and the garbage must be cleaned by Nissan and transported. Sealed transportation shall be adopted in the transportation.

  In terms of traffic management, it is required that the three ports and one station in and out of Hainan’s airports, wharves, etc. must be carefully monitored for the body temperature and health code of the personnel entering and leaving.

To set up an emergency area, passengers above 37.3℃ should be temporarily isolated in the emergency area and handled in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements for epidemic prevention and control.

  In terms of shopping venue management, Hainan requires shopping malls and supermarkets to open windows as much as possible during the business period to strengthen ventilation; if central air conditioning is used, the return air should be turned off and the fresh air supply function should be turned on; through the management and control of diversion to reduce aggregation, remind customers to stay safe when queuing to pay and checkout distance.

  In terms of fever clinic management, medical institutions should strengthen fever clinic work, standardize the pre-examination and triage and diagnosis and treatment of fever patients, timely carry out new coronavirus nucleic acid detection and other clinical examinations, and do a good job in differential diagnosis and investigation. (Finish)