It was in 1961 that she sang Stikkan Andersson's Swedish lyrics to "Sånt är livet", a cover of "You can have her" which the American singer Roy Hamilton got a hit with the same year.

But Lindblom's breakthrough came a few years earlier when she first made her record debut with “Ljuva ungkarstid” in 1956 and a year later broke through on Scalarevyn.

Her private life was noticed during the years 1966–1970 when she was married to the boxer Bosse Högberg, a stormy marriage that ended with her moving abroad.

In the early 1970s, Lindblom returned to Sweden, appeared in films such as "A love story" and "Rännstensungar" as well as a number of successful pub shows before retiring from the limelight a few years later.