[Well-off China] Looking back at the farmhouse in Xiaogang Village, Anhui 40 years ago

  Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province is the birthplace of China’s rural reforms. It is now a national 4A tourist attraction, a national red tourism classic scenic spot, one of the most beautiful villages in China, and an education base for patriotism in Anhui Province...

  In the winter of 1978, 18 peasants, with the courage to "dare to be the first in the world," pressed their bright red handprints and opened the prelude to rural reform in China.

The thatched hut of the "Farmhouse of the Year" in Xiaogang Village is where the 18 farmers pressed the red handprints.

  The well-preserved "thatched houses" from the 1970s and the brick houses from the 1980s truly reproduce part of the rural life scenes around 1978.

The large contract signing room, original farm tools, furniture, etc. reproduce the scene of the year.

  Nowadays, the farmhouse has become a well-known tourist attraction, and the people of Xiaogang beat the drums to welcome tourists from all directions.

  (Reporter Wu Lan edited Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】