China News Service, Beijing, September 19 (Reporter Du Yan) At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Beijing on the 19th, Wang Quanyi, director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Infectious Diseases and Endemic Disease Control, introduced, September 19 From 0:00 to 12:00 of the day, Beijing added 1 new case of asymptomatic infection with imported new coronary pneumonia.

The specific situation is reported as follows:

  A man, 23 years old, from Gansu, a Pakistani student, has been studying in Pakistan since 2017.

I was active in school from September 3rd to September 13th. I wore disposable masks when I went out. I had diarrhea once on September 15th and got better after self-medication.

The man returned to China on flight CA946 on September 17 and arrived in Beijing on September 18. The customs conducted a health screening and collected respiratory specimens, and then took a bus to the centralized isolation point for medical observation. The nucleic acid test result was reported to be positive that day. 120 negative pressure ambulance was transferred to Ditan Hospital.

In the early morning of September 19, the relevant expert group conducted a consultation. There was no fever on the examination. CT results showed no obvious abnormalities. Based on the results of epidemiological history, laboratory tests, and imaging examinations, it was diagnosed as asymptomatic infection.

The disease control agency has tracked 38 close contacts on the same flight in time. All of them have implemented centralized quarantine medical observation and performed terminal disinfection of their hotels.

  Wang Quanyi pointed out that this is the first case of asymptomatic infection of new coronary pneumonia imported from abroad since Beijing resumed direct international passenger flights on September 3.

  Wang Quanyi said that the current global epidemic is still in a pandemic and continues to spread. External defense input and internal defense rebound are the current focus of our city's epidemic prevention and control.

I would like to remind citizens and friends not to leave the country unless necessary.

If you must leave the country, please pay close attention to the local epidemic prevention and control information, bring sufficient protective equipment, and take personal protection throughout the process, wear masks, do not gather, do not eat together, maintain a safe social distance, and reduce unnecessary outings abroad.

Before arriving in Beijing on an international flight, overseas personnel should undergo nucleic acid testing, know their health conditions, wear masks throughout the journey, strictly observe quarantine, health declaration, isolation, health management and other prevention and control measures when entering the country, and conduct daily health monitoring within 14 days. Discomfort symptoms should be reported in time, and medical treatment should be standardized.

The November holiday is approaching. When traveling, citizens and friends should also pay attention to the epidemic information and try to avoid traveling to countries or regions with epidemics; adhere to the good habits of wearing masks scientifically, washing hands frequently, often ventilating, and not gathering.