China News Service, September 20. According to the website of the Yunnan Health and Health Commission, from 0:00 to 24:00 on September 19, there were no new local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in Yunnan Province, and new asymptomatic infections imported by foreign airlines1 Cases (Chinese nationality, Myanmar imported); 1 confirmed case imported by air was cured and discharged, and 1 imported asymptomatic infection was released from isolation and observation.

As of 24:00 on September 19, Yunnan Province currently has 8 imported confirmed cases and 5 asymptomatic infections, all of whom have been isolated for treatment and observation in designated medical institutions.

  Added information about asymptomatic infections:

  Male, 23 years old, Chinese nationality, working in Myanmar.

On September 16th, he took a flight from Yangon and entered Kunming Airport. At the time of entry, his body temperature was normal. After the customs took samples, they were directly transferred by special vehicles to the designated isolation point for centralized isolation and observation according to the closed-loop management requirements.

On the 18th, the nucleic acid test result was positive, which was transferred to a designated medical institution for isolation and observation by a negative pressure ambulance.

Sampling and review on the 19th, the nucleic acid test result was positive, and experts diagnosed asymptomatic infection of new coronary pneumonia based on epidemiological history, laboratory test results and clinical manifestations (imported from Myanmar).

  Other personnel on the same plane continued to be isolated for medical observation as required.