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Noel Gallagherse refuses to wear a mask and makes no secret of it even as the United Kingdom has just banned gatherings of more than six people in order to limit the spread of the virus.

“It's not a law.

There are way too many fucking freedoms taken from us.

I chose not to wear it.

If I catch the virus, it's my problem and no one else's… it's fuckin 'shit.

It's unnecessary, ”said the musician during an appearance on Matt Morgan's podcast who, for his part, said he was in favor of wearing the mask.

The sandwich argument

Noel Gallagher then highlighted the absurdity of the exceptions decided by the authorities in terms of wearing a mask.

Indeed, the fact of being able to abandon the piece of cloth to eat on a train suggests to the ex-Oasis that the measure is simply unnecessary.

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"Alright, so this deadly virus is going to spread on the train and attack me, but if he sees me with a sandwich, he'll say to himself, he's having lunch so I'll leave him alone," he said. he said, before noting that it seemed inconsistent to impose the mask in hairdressing salons and not in pubs.

Be that as it may, and despite the assertions of Noel Gallagher, let us recall that there is a scientific consensus attesting to the effectiveness of the generalized wearing of the mask in limiting the spread of the virus.


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