[Explanation] The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has gradually eased. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government continued to relax its epidemic prevention measures on September 18. The Ocean Park, which had been closed for more than 60 days, resumed business on the same day, and bars, nightclubs and bathing centers also reopened.

  [Explanation] At nine o'clock in the morning that day, many tourists stopped by the gate of Ocean Park.

It is understood that after the reopening of the Ocean Park, an advance reservation is required to enter. The initial number of admissions is strictly controlled, which is 20 to 30% of the maximum capacity.

The reporter saw at the scene that all tourists were wearing masks and taking adequate measures to prevent the epidemic.

The park also presented park dolls, masks, mask covers and hand sanitizer for the first 100 visitors.

  [Concurrent] Wu Shoujian, Executive Director of Ocean Park Management and Performing Arts

  We will maintain all aspects of the photocatalyst and disinfection we did before.

The main epidemic prevention measures are actually the same as when the park opened in June. The only new requirement was mentioned before. Because of the requirement to wear a mask, smoking is prohibited in the park.

  [Explanation] The bar industry in Hong Kong has also been suspended intermittently since April due to the impact of the epidemic. During this period, many bar owners switched to catering services, and some bar owners without restaurant licenses were forced to close their businesses.

After 5 months, the SAR government announced the restart of the economy again. Leung Liren, the convener of the Hong Kong Bar Industry Alliance, said that the industry has done a good job in preventing epidemics after the restart of business.

  [Concurrent] Liang Liren, convener of the Bar Industry Alliance

  Our bar industry hopes and even desires to reopen.

We have prepared ten major epidemic prevention measures, more (measures), more and complete measures than other industries.

Entering the hotel will help guests disinfect, check their body temperature, and fill in the health declaration form. At present, the health declaration form can be filled out by the customer by scanning the QR code. Every bar will provide disinfectant hand sanitizer.

  [Explanation] Early that morning, the reporter also visited some bathing centers, and as soon as they entered the door, they had to conduct heat detection and information registration. The staff of the bathing center said that after registering the information, if a guest has symptoms, it can be easily tracked.

After entering the bathroom, all guests must maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters. The shower rooms are also separated. Everyone except showers and baths must wear masks.

  [Explanation] According to the current epidemic prevention policy, multiple places in Hong Kong can operate until 12 midnight, and the gathering order can maintain a maximum of 4 people. On all occasions, except for eating, exercising and showering, masks are required and a social distance of 1.5 meters is maintained , The measure is effective for a period of 7 days to September 24.

  Liang Yuan Chen Anyi Zhu Leyi Reporting from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Tang Weijie]