Kian 84, a writer who caused controversy about misogyny with webtoons, returned to MBC TV'I Live Alone' after 5 weeks and apologized again saying, "I'm sorry for causing concern."

In'I Live Alone', which aired yesterday (19th), it started with the subtitles'Good Faces' and the appearance of Narae Park, Gian 84, Se-ri Park, Min-kyung Kim, and Si-eon Lee saying hello.

Gian 84, who showed up after 5 weeks, couldn't speak several times and said, "I'm really lacking and I've been wondering if I can be perfect before I die." In response, Se-ri Park and Na-rae Park comforted themselves, saying, "I am still learning and living all the time," and "Where is the perfect person?" 

The controversy caused by Gian 84's'The King of Rehabilitation' webtoon has not subsided for a month due to the remarks of the'citizen dictatorship' by writer Joo Ho-min, who is famous for the webtoon'With God' series.

Regarding the controversy over the Gian 84 controversy, Joo apologized after saying, "Censorship was done in the country in the past, but now citizens and readers. The era of civil dictatorship has begun."

Gian 84 was engulfed in a controversy over misogyny in'The King of Rehabilitation', when a female intern who lacked specs was supposed to become a full-time employee after having sex with a male boss. When demands to stop the series came out, he apologized two days after revising the work.

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