Coronavirus: Eurovision 2020 competition canceled due to coronavirus -

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After Dutchman Duncan Laurence's victory in Tel Aviv in 2019, Eurovision had to cancel its 2020 edition because of the coronavirus, like many other cultural events.

But the organizers are already preparing for the next step, for the next competition, which will take place whatever happens in Rotterdam, even if several scenarios are being studied.

Four to be exact.

The first would see Eurovision unfold normally, with nine shows at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, in the presence of the public and all the delegations and artists.

Also with activities throughout the city.

In practice, everything will depend on the evolution of the Covid-19 episode, the possibility of a vaccine and the availability of reliable tests.

As promised, #Eurovision will return in 2021!


We've been working on 4 scenarios to ensure that the Contest goes ahead and a new winner is crowned on Saturday 22 May!

Take a look 👉 |


- Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) September 18, 2020

A good distance or from the house

The second scenario would also welcome everyone, with a good practice of social distancing and 1.5 m between each person.

There would still be nine shows, but with fewer audiences and fewer people in delegations and in the media.

A draw would then be set up to decide who among the people who have already reserved their places will be able to come, the others will of course be reimbursed.

A third possibility envisages the situation where the delegations could not go to Rotterdam: the artists would then perform from home, from their country.

The concept would be taken to the extreme for the fourth and final scenario, where Eurovision would take place in Rotterdam, but without an audience or activities in the city.

And the artists would deliver their performance from home.

A situation equivalent to what is planned for Eurovision Junior next November.

The final decision will be taken early next year.


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