China News Service, September 18th. Wang Yongming, the second-level inspector of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said on the 18th that since this year, public security agencies in various places have uncovered more than 12,000 cases of rape, forced indecency, and child molestation against minors, and arrested one. The batch of criminal suspects effectively deterred criminals.

  On September 18th, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a press conference to issue the "Opinions on Establishing a System for Information System for Faculty and Staff Access and Inquiry of Sexual Assaults and Crimes" and reported relevant work, published typical cases of faculty and staff access and inquiries about illegal and criminal information, and answered reporters Ask a question.

A reporter at the meeting asked: What work has the public security organs done to combat the sexual assault of minors and protect the rights and interests of minors in recent years?

  Wang Yongming revealed that the public security organs attach great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of minors. In recent years, they have continuously increased the punishment and crackdown on sexual assault of minors, and continuously improved the working mechanism for handling cases of sexual assault of minors, thus effectively safeguarding minors. Personal rights.

Since the beginning of this year, local public security agencies have uncovered more than 12,000 cases of rape, forced indecency, and child molestation against minors, and arrested a number of criminal suspects, effectively deterring criminals.

  Wang Yongming introduced that in recent years, the Ministry of Public Security has piloted and promoted the practice of "one-stop evidence collection" in cases of sexual assault of minors across the country, that is, after the public security organs receive relevant cases, the public security criminal investigation department, technical appraisal department, and procuratorial organ will be present simultaneously. At the same time, it cooperates with the Women’s Federation, health, justice, medical institutions and other units to participate in all the evidence collection work at the litigation stage by professionals, and simultaneously carry out the assessment and treatment of children's psychological trauma, physical rehabilitation, family function counseling, legal assistance, judicial assistance, etc. Work to assist the children (and families) to restore their physical and mental health, which not only ensures the integrity of the victim’s statement, facilitates the fixation of relevant evidence by the public security and procuratorial organs, but also prevents the victim from suffering psychological problems in the process of repeated interrogation and evidence collection. Injury.

  At present, the national public security organs and relevant departments have established nearly 500 pilot case handling areas for "one-stop evidence collection", especially the Panlong District Public Security Branch of Kunming City, Yunnan Province, Fengxian District Public Security Branch of Shanghai, and Yinzhou District Public Security Branch of Ningbo City. The "one-stop evidence collection" work performed well, which was fully affirmed and highly praised by all sectors of society.

  Wang Yongming stated that in the next step, the public security organs will continue to improve the "National Sexual Assault and Criminal Information System", deploy local public security organs to effectively implement the relevant work requirements for faculty and staff entry inquiries, and further strengthen intelligence research and judgment to prevent such crimes from happening.

At the same time, public security organs across the country will always adhere to the people-centered approach, continue to maintain a high-handedness and crackdown on such crimes, pay close attention to crime development trends, actively research, judge and analyze, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors and social stability.

  Wang Yongming stated that the public security organs reminded the majority of minors and their parents that minors have immature physical and intellectual development, and their cognitive, discrimination and resistance abilities are relatively weak. In order to effectively avoid illegal harm, the following points should be done: 1. It is to strengthen guardianship and care, and enhance the awareness of protection of minors; the second is to be alert to illegal online infringements; the third is to report in a timely manner, if minors are sexually assaulted, they should promptly report to the public security organs, cooperate with the public security organs to obtain evidence, and use legal weapons to protect themselves Rights.