Sony announced Thursday that the PlayStation 5 will be sold in France from November 19.

Two versions of the PS5 will be available, at $ 400 and $ 500.

A duel between the console of the Japanese company and the new Xbox from Microsoft is announced for the holiday season.

Sony is advancing its pawns in the duel of new consoles which is looming for the holiday season with Microsoft: the Japanese group has unveiled the launch dates and prices of its future PlayStation 5, eagerly awaited.

Both versions of the PS5 will go on sale from November 12 in Australia, North America, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Mexico, and a week later in the rest of the world, Sony announced on Wednesday. an online presentation.

Microsoft, for its part, revealed last week that its new Xbox console would be released on November 10.

Two variations of the new PlayStation

Like its American rival, Sony is planning two versions of its new machine: a premium model at around $ 500, and a "digital edition" without a disk drive, intended for games stored in the cloud (remote computing), which will be sold at 400 dollars.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch at $ 499 and $ 299 respectively.


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A selection of exclusive games 

The Japanese group also revealed a selection of games that will accompany the launch of the PS5, such as "Final Fantasy XVI", the latest installment in the famous role-playing series, "Hogwarts Legacy", a role-playing game in the universe of Harry Potter, or the action game "Spider-Man: Miles Morales".

Some of these games will be exclusives, available only on the PS5.

Sony's strong point against Microsoft, said Amir Anvarzadeh, strategist at Asymmetric Advisors interviewed by AFP.

"Sony will also have a big advantage over Microsoft, because the PlayStation traditionally dominates the Xbox on the European and Japanese markets," he recalls.

Globally, Sony's PlayStation 4 has sold twice as much as Microsoft's Xbox One.