China News Service, Shenyang, September 17 (Shen Diancheng) The theme is "Archaeology Towards Public Civilization", the launching ceremony of the 2020 Liaoning·Shenyang public archaeological event was held on September 17 at the Shenyang Xinle Site Museum Square.

  This series of public archaeological activities is co-organized by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Radio and Television, undertaken by the Shenyang Museum (Shenyang Palace Museum), and co-organized by the Shenyang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and the Shenyang Xinle Site Museum.

Simulated archeology.

Photo by Shen Diancheng

  According to reports, relying on the Internet and new media, Shenyang City will move public archaeological activities to the cloud for live broadcast for the first time this year. It is hoped that archaeology, a more traditional industry, can collide with the Internet and new media to spark innovation and burst out new vitality.

Through public archaeological activities, multi-dimensional display and transmission of archaeological culture and the latest archaeological work results to the public, introduction of cultural relics protection concepts and policies, laws and regulations to the public from multiple angles, enhance public awareness of cultural relics protection, and enhance public legal concepts; guide the public to understand archaeology and walk Close to archaeology, perceive archaeology, and love archaeology, so as to effectively promote the protection of cultural heritage, enhance national self-confidence, pride and cohesion, enhance the soft power of Chinese culture, expand the international influence of Chinese culture, and build a society with Chinese characteristics Contribute to cultural undertakings.

  Song Zhenhong, deputy director of the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, said that through this public archaeological activity, the public will promote the protection of cultural relics laws and regulations, publicize and display Shenyang cultural heritage protection results to the majority of Shenyang citizens and audience friends; use cultural relics archaeology results to tell the "Shenyang story "To help non-local audiences understand Shenyang’s history and culture, and help Shenyang citizens to enhance their cognition of local history and culture and their love and confidence in Shenyang’s history and culture; use cultural relics and archaeological achievements to serve the society, continuously enhance cultural self-confidence, preserve history and culture, and highlight regional characteristics and development The cultural tourism industry helps the prosperity of socialist cultural undertakings with Chinese characteristics.

Visit the photo exhibition.

Photo by Shen Diancheng

  After the launching ceremony, the guests visited three photo exhibitions of "Protecting Cultural Relics According to Law, Strengthening Cultural Confidence", "Rubing History and Inheriting Context", and "Shenyang Archaeological Past". Each exhibition site was explained by archaeological experts.

Xiaowenbao volunteers, led by the staff of the Shenyang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, participated in rubbing experience and simulated archaeological activities, learning to use various rubbing tools and various archaeological tools such as Luoyang shovel and hand shovel, and experienced what archaeology brings The fun, feel the hardship.

  It is reported that this series of public archaeology activities will also hold follow-up rubbing classes "Cloud Class" and archaeological site "Cloud Archaeology" and other theme activities from late September to early October. (Finish)