Typhoon warning!

This year's 11th typhoon "Hongxia" formed and landed in Vietnam around the evening of the 18th

  China Weather News Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue typhoon warning at 06:00 on September 16th:

  Yesterday evening, the tropical depression in the sea off the western part of the Philippines has strengthened into the 11th typhoon "Hongxia" (English name: Noul; name origin: North Korea; name meaning:) early this morning (September 16) over the southeastern South China Sea. Red sky).

At 5 o'clock in the morning, the "Hongxia" center is located on the sea about 770 kilometers southeast of Yongxing Island, Sansha City, Hainan Province. It is 12.8 degrees north latitude and 118.2 degrees east longitude. The maximum wind force near the center is 8 (18 m/s). The lowest pressure is 998 hPa, and the radius of the seventh wind circle is 120-150 kilometers.

  It is expected that the "Hongxia" will move to the northwest at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour, passing through the sea south of the Zhongsha Islands and the Paracel Islands on the 17th, and heading towards the central coast of Vietnam via the sea south of Hainan Island on the 18th. The intensity continues to strengthen, and the maximum intensity is expected to reach typhoon level (12-13 level, 35-40m/s), and it will make landfall on the central coast of Vietnam around the evening of the 18th and gradually weaken thereafter.

  Gale forecast: From 08:00 on the 16th to 08:00 on the 17th, there will be 6-7 strong winds in the Bashi Strait, the eastern and southern South China Sea, the Zhongsha Islands, and Huangyan Island. Among them, the eastern part of the South China Sea will have winds of 8-9. "Hongxia "The sea area that the center passes through can reach wind force 10 and gust 11-12.

  Defense guide:

  1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in typhoon prevention and emergency response in accordance with their duties.

  2. Water operations in relevant waters and passing ships should return to port for shelter.