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  • At the Montpellier medical school, there are around sixty cases of coronavirus.

  • A student party would be involved in the spread of Covid-19.

  • But for the Syndicat de combat universitaire, we cannot prevent the students from going out at night, when they are "all glued to each other" in the classrooms.

In Montpellier (Hérault), the faculty of medicine is hit hard by the Covid-19.

The establishment on Tuesday suspended part of its classes, after about sixty students, in second and third year, tested positive for the coronavirus.

They will have to observe a quarantine period of 15 days, indicates the University of Montpellier, this Wednesday.

These cases would be linked "to private festive events which would have taken place outside university sites at the beginning of September, which is deplorable", notes the Montpellier establishment, which recalls that the organization of parties had been banned in university speakers.

"The associations had been warned that the student parties had to be canceled, the majority had been canceled,"



20 Minutes

, a 6th year medical student and student vice-president of the university.

But students can very well, on their own initiative, meet at home, or in bars, some of which unfortunately do not necessarily play the game. "

"There are two weights, two measures"

The Ministry of Higher Education, too, has questioned the gatherings of students in the boom in Covid-19 cases in recent days: "The latest data confirms that the multiplication of new contaminations is mainly linked to private gatherings (student evening, privatization of bars, etc.) associated with a relaxation of health instructions, in particular barrier gestures ”.

But are the evenings between students solely responsible for the spread of the virus on the city's campuses?

No, assures the University Combat Syndicate (Scum).

“We believe that there is no individual responsibility without collective responsibility, indicates the Scum, at

20 Minutes.

When the institution sets a bad example, you cannot ask students to adopt responsible behavior.

By forcing back to school in person, you are shielding the classrooms, amphitheatres, corridors, toilets, and, of course, public transport.

We are all glued to each other during the day, and in the evening, we would not have the right to go out, under the pretext that we would be too tight?

There are two weights, two measures, right?


And, according to the Montpellier union, banning parties would not necessarily be the right solution.

“Of course, there is a problem with student parties, but there is also a problem with their banning by universities, continues the Scum.

By banning them, they will take place, despite everything, but in places that are sometimes much more remote, where health rules are even less respected.



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Coronavirus in Montpellier: About sixty medical students tested positive after an evening

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