Strawberry Music Festival Beijing Station Wujo, Remodeling, etc. starred, only a few tickets left in 3 hours

  Beijing News (Reporter Liu Zhen) On September 16, the 2020 Strawberry Music Festival Beijing Station officially announced the performance lineup and ticketing.

From October 1st to November 28th, the Strawberry Music Festival consists of six stations in Dongying, Chengdu, Beijing, Harbin, Changsha, and Lingshui Li Autonomous County. Among them, Beijing Station will be held in Beijing from October 5th to 7th. Held in the Expo Park.

There are six types of tickets issued at Beijing Railway Station, including early bird three-day pass, pre-sale three-day pass, PRO single-day pass, student single-day pre-sale single-day ticket, and full-price single-day ticket. Tickets will be officially opened at 13:00 , As of press time, except for the full-price single-day ticket on October 5, there are still surplus tickets, and the rest of the tickets have been sold out.

  In the three-day performance at the Beijing Station of the Strawberry Music Festival in 2020, there will be 48 groups of artists and bands of different styles, including new pants familiar to fans, admiration, Universal Youth Hostel, Dada band, and statue remodeling Rights, Five People, Houhai Shark, Joyside, Big Wave, Mosaic, Sound Toys, Horse Die and other bands and musicians.

In addition to senior bands, the Qiyun League, Fu Lu Shou Floruit Show, Liu Sijian, Zoo Nailzihu, Peace Hotel and Peace Hotel and other orchestras are composed of post-90s or post-00s. In particular, the Qiyun League Orchestra is the strongest in this year's Son of Tomorrow Orchestra season. Label.

  According to the organizer, according to the configuration of the Strawberry Music Festival in previous years, there are at least 5 stages, and sometimes even more than 100 (groups) of artists perform at the same time. This year, for epidemic prevention and safety considerations, large-scale events need to limit current management, and the number of audiences also needs to be limited, so During the three-day performance, only three stage performances were arranged every day.