China News Service, Xiamen, September 16 (Huang Yongsi) The 30th China TV Golden Eagle Award Nomination Conference was held in Xiamen on the 15th. The list of 12 nominations including TV drama works and works specially recommended by the jury were released at the conference.

  The China Television Golden Eagle Award is co-sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Television Artists Association. It is the only permanent national television art award produced by a combination of expert review, China Television Association members, and audience voting. It was founded in 1983 and has been until now. The 29th session has been successfully held.

  According to Liao Ken, Secretary of the Party Group of the China Television Artists Association, in order to meet the new requirements of the development of the television industry in the new era, the 30th Golden Eagle Awards will add three types of works, variety shows, documentaries and cartoons under the principle of the total number of 20 prizes. The selection of the best original theme song was added.

The 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards Nomination Conference was held in Xiamen on the 15th.

Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee

  It is worth mentioning that this year’s Golden Eagle Awards will fully include online works in the selection range, and at the same time adjust the individual award settings of TV drama works, changing the audience’s favorite actor and actress awards from 2 to the audience’s favorite actor and actress awards. There is one award for best actor and actress.

  32 TV dramas and web dramas including "Patriot" were nominated; the TV variety show "Asian Culture Carnival" and the TV documentary "Fight against the Epidemic" were specially recommended by the jury.

Chen Baoguo, Ren Dahua, Wang Jinsong, Wang Kai, Yi Yanqianxi, Zhao Bo were nominated for best actor, Jiang Wenli, Sun Li, Tao Hong, Tong Yao, Wang Qianhua, Zhao Liying were nominated for best actress; the audience's favorite actor and actress nominations include: Zhu Yilong , Wang Yibo, Ren Jialun, Yi Yang Qianxi, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Yixing, Zhao Liying, Song Qian, Tan Songyun, Yang Mi, Sun Li, Yu Shuxin.

  According to reports, the Golden Eagle Awards preliminary evaluation meeting was held at the end of August in Jiande City, Hangzhou. A total of 42 TV series, 6 web series, 32 documentaries, 16 variety shows, and 16 cartoons were selected.

According to the judging rules, a total of 48 TV dramas, web dramas and 137 actors and 121 actresses entered the second round of online voting from September 3 to September 9. There were 968,151 mobile phones from audiences and members of the China Television Association. Numbers participate in voting.

From September 13th to 15th, the Golden Eagle Awards final evaluation meeting was held in Xiamen, Fujian. 53 judges respectively evaluated works in 4 categories, selected individual awards for TV dramas, variety shows, documentaries, and cartoons, and integrated the audience. Members of the China Television Association vote for the awards of TV drama works; the audience's favorite actor and actress awards will be directly determined by the audience's vote.

  It is reported that this conference will also open a new round of online voting for the actors and actresses loved by the audience until the awards party. The awards party will be held on the evening of October 18 at the 13th China Golden Eagle Television Art Festival in Changsha. (Finish)