Jarry, as comfortable in front of a web camera as on TV -

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  • The confinement benefited Jarry who launched the

    Jarry Show

    , a show in which he received a celebrity live on Instagram.

  • Subsequently, the online media company Webedia partnered with him to make it a full-fledged program on YouTube.

  • For

    20 Minutes

    , the comedian looks back on the reasons that pushed him to accept this challenge.

Confinement, a period conducive to creative emulsion?

It seems that the magic worked for Jarry who launched, like many artists, in daily lives on Instagram during this period.

Once released and released, he was approached by Webedia and the two reworked the concept somewhat to make the

Jarry Show

, a new, full-fledged show offered on the comedian's YouTube channel.

In this new version, Jarry receives artists "for real" in order to collect their secrets.

In just a few weeks, the program was also exported to Belgium, this time for television broadcast on the Plug RTL channel.

The comedian

tells 20 Minutes

of his joy to host this new format, the conditions under which he was approached by Webedia, and his future as a host.


Jarry Show

is an idea born from the start of confinement.

How did it get exported to YouTube?

It is a combination of circumstances.

I created this to find meaning in my life during confinement and to find the artists as I know them off the stage.

At the end of confinement, I decide to stop the

Jarry Show

, the risk of depression being almost nil, but people told me that it was great to find people like that.

At this point, I go to Webedia because Guillaume Pley invites me to do



I did not know Webedia at all, I had never heard of it.

I met Anne Duval [associate director at Mixicom, a subsidiary of Webedia, Editor's note] who had followed the lives on Instagram and she thought it was a shame not to put them on the YouTube channel that I had just started.

And there, a phone call from Belgium who wants to buy this concept.

If it hadn't been for the Covid, I never would have.

You give birth to the stars of intimate confessions.

Are you a bit of YouTube's Faustine Bollaert?

I want to know their fears, their biggest complex.

I try to normalize the people we see all the time as stars.

Often, we imply the journey of people, we have the impression that celebrities are not concerned by illness, death, doubt, fear.

We have the impression that notoriety protects us from that when it is the opposite.

There is a sequence where the guests drop the mask.

They talk about things that neither they nor I had planned to cover before.

We forget that we are coming to do a promo, we are in a real language.

It's moments like these that I find pretty.


Jarry Show 

is both a mixture of humor and confessional moments.

Is this the recipe that makes all the salt on this show?

It looks like me.

My job is to play characters so I want to be deeply myself in life.

I want us to show who we really are.

I am still interested in man.

People always have ideas about us, and I am not a journalist or presenter, I am an artist and I entertain to do stupid things, ask questions to better understand us and talk about things that affect us and that annoy us.

Thanks to the partnership with Webedia, are you planning to become a youtubeur?

I will never become YouTuber, I wish myself better in life.

I hope to provide better content.

YouTubers are not really my generation, I sometimes have trouble understanding what they do.

When they do product placement, I find it sad.

Youtubeur is a generation, I'm learning to discover those of Webedia.

Today, the new generations, I do not know them but I could be Michou's grandfather so we are not on the same codes.

I want to do people good, I don't want to fart higher than my ass, I will never live up to Nikos and Arthur because they are hypertalent and have a background in TV.

I want to do something that looks like me.

Webedia had never done the cross-section with television and we are doing it.

We are developing several programs that could be developed on TV.

They have the talent, I have the ideas, we could put the two together.

You were talking about a “pressure hurricane” when

Good Singers



I imagine it is less on YouTube?

Good Singers

is a huge machine.

I have a teleprompter, I have twelve candidates and six guests.

There, I have only one person in front of me.

It is as if you came to eat at the house, do anything in the room and the kitchen.

What I love in my life is all that.

I like that my daily life is different every day.

To talk a little about TV, will

Good Singers

be back on TF1?

Today, I did not have confirmation.

I do not know.

In TV, other things are being prepared, my first desire is to play my show.

I really want to play and the Covid has taken people away from me.

I am really in need and sometimes at terraces I see myself doing sketches.

And I find it horrible that I can't do what I love most in the world.


"Good Singers": "The show corresponds to the values ​​that I want to carry", confides Jarry


"I don't do gay humor, I defend the right to laugh at everything", proclaims Jarry

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