How far will the light take us?

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The book "The light revealed", of the Nobel Prize in physics Serge Haroche.

Editions Odile Jacob Sciences

By: Caroline Lachowsky

50 min

How far will the light take us?

Welcome to the strange world of quantum physics with the Nobel Prize in Physics Serge Haroche who will share with us his science of light ...


Let us meet again under the sign of the light today, and even in quantum strangeness in the company of Professor

Serge Haroche

, Nobel Prize in physics 2012, for having achieved the unthinkable: capturing;

manipulate and measure a tiny quantum particle of light, a photon!

How and why these works are part of a long history, in a questioning as old as humanity on this light, which enlightens us and fascinates us for a long time and for a long time yet we hope….


Serge Haroche

, physicist, honorary professor at the Collège de France, Nobel Prize in physics in 2012, for his book

La Lumière revealed, from Galileo's telescope to quantum strangeness

published by Odile Jacob.

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