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  • Today, volume 1 of “Love memories” by Angel Arekin, published on September 11, 2020 by Black Ink Editions.

MarlèneLMEDML, contributor to the

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, recommends volume 1 of 

Love memories 

by Angel Arekin, published on September 11, 2020 by Black Ink Editions.

Her favorite quote:

The world revolves around us without our paying the slightest attention, focused on each other.

Yes, nothing exists.

I don't care.

It could explode, catch fire, that wouldn't even interest me.

I feel like I'm drowning in its almost unseemly, unreal eyes, and I love it.

Lose balance.

Be aware of my whole body.

Of my heart beating too hard, of my head ablaze like pain in my belly.

My mother once told me: "When you fall in love, your world takes on a different color."

Mine turns blue.

Full of blue.

Of this confusing blue, by turns icy and brutal, inflamed and disturbing.

It is varnished, colored, painted with all the blues of Swan.

My life is not in pink, it is all blue.

And it's suddenly beautiful.

Why this book?

  • Because it is indescribable!

    Its power is beyond comprehension!

    It is intense, devastating and enjoyable.

    All the emotions made their way into me, poisoning my being with this delicious sensation of love!

    I vibed for Billie and Swan and want more!

  • Because this story is unlike any other.

    Angel Arekin's unique writing annoys, moves, excites and offers unparalleled emotions!

    His style is sweet but beware, the sweetness with Arekin sauce, eh!

    I loved all the beautiful emotions, the most heartbreaking too.

    I'm still in shock, I didn't want to leave them!

    I want to find them!

    I am lost in the doldrums of my feelings.

  • Because this story is a clever mix of freedom, discovery,

    savagery, burning desire, unconditional love, family history in a particular context!

    The themes are very well approached, treated with accuracy, intelligence.

    A fine psychology is felt.

    Everything is dissected and transcribed with such ease.

    It's obvious !

    And yet nothing is easy in this story.

    The author does not like the common.

    She will seek the emotions in the depths of the bowels of her characters.

    And the result is stunning.

  • Because if you like romance, then you will not miss

    this title which stands out from what is usually found on the shelves of bookstores.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

 Billie, a young hippie, in love with freedom, is forced to put down her luggage to live with the new husband of her mother and her son, the handsome but strangely mute, Swan Anconia.

She struggles to find her feet and her new “half-brother” doesn't help.

She'll have to tame it!


 Angel Arekin weaves us an absolutely crazy plot.

Featuring a solar Billie and a bruised Swan!

They are like day and night, light against darkness.

They are beautiful and so endearing.


 One can easily project oneself into the environment of the novel.

Our heroes have also traveled a lot, so there are plenty of descriptions that allow us to evolve alongside them.

The time.

 The story takes place in our time.

The author.

 We no longer present Angel Arekin, she is a visionary.

She has a crazy talent for writing extraordinary romances that go off the beaten track.

She is not a supporter of "And they lived happily and had many children".

No, this author goes where we least expect her!

You must read it!

This book was read with a

 lot of passion, I couldn't let go of the novel until I had finished it.

A favorite !

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