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  • The care of these dys children will now be covered by the Health Insurance as part of a care pathway built by the Occitadys association.

  • Unique in France, this experiment will last two years in Occitania and allow the monitoring of 10,000 children.

  • The aim is to guide parents more quickly and better train professionals in the diagnosis of these learning disabilities.

“Before my son was diagnosed with dyspraxia, a coordination disorder, and dysgraphic, at the age of 9, I experienced medical wandering for lack of professionals able to tell me what he had,” says Daphne. , a resident of Lavaur.

From a young age, the eldest mother of three had been singled out at school, considered dreamy and not paying enough attention.

At 8 years old, he couldn't ride a bike and struggled to write correctly.

After a divorce, her new spouse finally manages to put a name on the difficulties that her son is encountering, after intense research.

“Once we met the right pediatrician, trained in detecting dyspraxia, it took less than a year to be certain of the diagnosis and put in place the arrangements at the school,” assures Daphne.

For years, I have been blamed by doctors and teachers for my son's problem.

I devoted part of my daily life to taking care of him and compensating for this pathology.

Since entering the Clauzades college, where the team is formidable, he has benefited from an adapted program which has allowed him to regain his self-confidence ”.

Currently in sixth grade, her son is a good student, averaging 15.

Nearly 10,000 children supported in two years

It is to put an end to this obstacle course for families that an experimental health course has been set up by the Assurance Maladie, the Regional Health Agency of Occitanie and the Occitadys association.

Called the “Specific Language and Learning Disorders” (TSLA) health course, this new device, unique in France, will support nearly 10,000 children in Occitania for two years, before being extended to the whole country.

The experiment, funded to the tune of 21.4 million euros, provides for the setting up of eleven packages to cover consultations, check-ups, care and care coordination.

[#DYS #TLSA #PRS] Each year in #Occitanie 4000 children have language and learning disabilities.

A health course built by #Occitadys will now allow them to benefit from support for diagnosis and care

- ARS Occitanie (@ARS_OC) September 11, 2020

"The driving force is the child who today is wandering about the diagnosis of his disorders and whose families are sometimes forced to give up care for lack of having found the right professional, analyzes Thiébaut-Noel Willig, president from Occitadys.

Some dyslexic children experience enormous delays in being diagnosed, which has consequences on the child's development and schooling ”.

Training of doctors and professionals

To avoid the remainder of the charge for families, a support package for all dyslexic children will be put in place.

Another strong point of this system: a single interlocutor, a "correspondent", will guide them before taking charge of the financing of the diagnosis and the rehabilitation by psychomotor therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists or psychologists.

Currently, around 150 professionals in the region are trained in specific developmental and learning disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders.

The goal is to have trained 700 more doctors in 2022, 250 speech therapists in mathematical cognition and to have a multidisciplinary care center per department, compared to four today in the region.

Specific language and learning disorders affect around 6% of an age group, i.e. 4,000 children each year in Occitania, including 3,100 complex cases, requiring multidisciplinary care.


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