After the rain has stopped in the southern region, the blue sky is gradually appearing through the clouds in the central region. In the future, it is expected that the rain will stop and fall a little more until dawn tomorrow (17th).

However, another rain cloud is flowing in from the south, so it will gradually rain in the southern regions starting from Jeju tomorrow morning.

This rain will last until morning the day after tomorrow.

Accordingly, there will be up to 80mm of rain in Jeju for two days from tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, and 5 to 40mm of rain is forecast in many other regions across the country.

The rain in the central region will stop early in the morning tomorrow, so it is expected that only clouds will be dark in the sky during the daytime tomorrow.

Due to the high humidity, there are many places where there is thick fog.

Pay attention to traffic safety.

Tomorrow morning, the temperature will be 19 degrees in Seoul and 20 degrees in Daejeon, a little lower or similar than today.

After this rain stops, the clear sky will appear again the day after tomorrow.

As the temperature drops a little, the color of autumn will darken.

(Meteorological Caster Tae Bin)