Hollywood actor Chris Evans, who was bothered by accidentally uploading an exposed photo on social media, appeared on a talk show and expressed his gratitude for the fans.

On the 15th local time, Chris Evans appeared on the American ABC talk show'Tamron Hall Show' and said, "Last weekend was an interesting weekend. I learned a lot of lessons and teachings."

He said, "All things happen in the world," he said quietly, saying, "It's already happened, so I'm embarrassed, but I'm trying to adapt."

Chris Evans continued, "What I really want to say is that I realized that there are a lot of great fans who support me through this work. It was really good."

On the 12th, Chris Evans suffered a Buddhist death in which a picture of his body part was posted on his SNS while trying to upload a picture of playing games with his family.

The photos were quickly deleted, but'Captain America' and'Chris Evans' appeared as real-time search words on social media including major portal sites.

Chris Evans, who did not take a stand after the exposure incident, drew attention by encouraging the US presidential election by posting a post on social media saying, "Let's vote on November 3rd!"

(Photo = Tamron Hall Show broadcast screen capture, Chris Evans Instagram)

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