"You are also injured ..." DoCoMo account piggybacking special fraud one after another Niigata September 16 20:07

Taking advantage of the problem of illegal withdrawal of deposits and savings through docomo accounts, there are a series of special fraud methods in Niigata prefecture that try to trick cash cards etc. by making a false call saying "Your account is also damaged". I found out that

On the 14th, a woman in her 80s was also victimized by this method of withdrawing cash from her account, and police are calling attention.

According to the police, on the 14th, at the home of a woman in her 80s living in Joetsu City, a man claiming to be a police officer said, "There is damage to the illegal withdrawal of a docomo account in Joetsu City. Your account has also been damaged. I'm going to pick up my cash card now, "said the lie.

The woman gave the card to the man who visited her home and was instructed to put it in an envelope and bring her seal.

After that, the man gave me an envelope with a card saying, "I'll come back again," but it was replaced with another card.

When the woman consulted with her family and confirmed the account, the police were investigating it as a special fraud case because about 280,000 yen had already been withdrawn.

The police have received three other reports in Niigata prefecture about suspicious calls such as requesting a cash card or trying to find out the PIN code due to the problem of illegal withdrawal of DoCoMo account. The police are urging you to never answer these calls.

Shikoku Bank and Kochi Bank to suspend payment by electronic payment

Shikoku Bank and Kochi Bank, which have their head offices in Kochi City, will switch to electronic payment services from the 17th to ensure safety in response to the problem that savings were illegally withdrawn through the electronic payment service linked by Japan Post Bank. Decided to stop depositing.

Japan Post Bank is linked to 12 electronic payment services such as DoCoMo accounts, but it has been confirmed that savings of 18.11 million yen have been illegally withdrawn through the services so far.

In response to this, Shikoku Bank will not be able to deposit from deposits after midnight on the 17th for all seven linked payment services such as PayPay and Rakuten Edy.

Kochi Bank will also stop depositing from 9 am on the 17th for all four linked services such as LINE Pay and Melpay.

At the same time, both banks will stop registering new accounts for payment services from the 17th.

Both banks have not confirmed any damage so far, but they say that it is a measure to ensure the safety of customers, and if there is an account transaction that they do not remember, contact a nearby sales office. I am calling.