, Nanjing, September 16 (Reporter Shen Ran) The "killing of a female student in the former Nanjing Medical University (now Nanjing Medical University)" that has attracted much public attention was heard today in Nanjing Intermediate People's Court.

The public prosecution agency prosecuted Ma Jigang on suspicion of intentional homicide and rape.

It is reported that the victim's mother also appeared in the court that day.

  Due to the degree of concern and the facts of the case involving the privacy of the victim, the court decided not to hear it in public.

  At 8 o'clock that morning, the gray-haired, elderly victim's mother was helped into the court.

  At about 12 noon, a police car drove out of the court under the close protection of the bailiff.

  Later, the lawyer who appeared in the trial was also escorted out by the bailiff. The lawyer looked calm and only told, "The trial is over!"

  According to the court’s report, the prosecutors charged in the court that at 22:00 on March 20, 1992, the defendant Ma Jigang found the victim Lin alone on the campus of the former Nanjing Medical College, 140 Hanzhong Road, this city, in Room 111, South Building. After self-study, he used an iron rod to force him to have sex outside the teaching building. Due to resistance during this period, he hit Lin on the head with an iron rod many times.

Later, fearing that the crime would be revealed, Ma Jigang dragged Lin to the outside of the teaching building and plunged into a manhole.

It was identified that Lin was hit on the head with a blunt instrument, causing head injury and drowning to cause mechanical asphyxiation and died.

  The public prosecution agency believes that the defendant Ma Jigang raped women with violence and coercion; deliberately and illegally deprived others of their lives and caused death. His actions violated the criminal law, and he should be held criminally responsible for the crimes of intentional homicide and rape.

  During the trial, the public prosecution agency presented evidence, and the defendant Ma Jigang and his defender cross-examined. Under the auspices of the court, the prosecution and defense debated on the characterization of the case. Ma Jigang also made a final statement.

  Therefore, the case involved the privacy of the victim, and the court decided not to open the trial.

The case was tried by a collegiate panel composed of three judges and four people's assessors. Sun Daolin, President of Nanjing Intermediate Court, served as the presiding judge, and Fan Qun, chief prosecutor of the Municipal Procuratorate, appeared in court to support the prosecution.

  Due to the serious circumstances of the case, the court announced an adjournment for an alternative sentence.