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The Spanish biopharmaceutical group


, through its subsidiary


, has been chosen by the American company


for the industrial production of the antigen of its vaccine against Covid-19 in the European Union.

This is reflected in

the agreement signed between the two companies

, according to which the Spanish company based in PorriƱo (Pontevedra) will be in charge of producing for the EU the vaccine designed by the Maryland-based pharmaceutical company, which is at the end of the third quarter 2020 the start of phase 3 of its clinical trials.

Novavax is a biotechnology company specialized in the development of next-generation vaccines for serious infectious diseases that is developing the vaccine candidate against Covid-19

called NVX-CoV2373


It will be produced in parallel to the clinical trials so that, in case of obtaining the expected results and their subsequent authorization, it can be on the market as soon as possible.

Zendal is

a biopharmaceutical group currently formed by six companies

, all framed in the biotechnology and vaccines sector for human and animal health: CZ Vaccines, Biofabri, Vetia, Petia Animal Health, Zinereo Pharma and Probisearch.

They currently have several lines of work related to Sars-Cov-2 through two of its subsidiaries: CZ Vaccines and Biofabri.

This agreement joins that of


, which in July announced that the Spanish

Pharma Industrial Services will

fill and finish vials of the vaccine that the company wants to market to supply markets outside the United States.

Health: "a major boost" for the industry

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), dependent on the Ministry of Health, has highlighted the importance of this agreement.

"It represents, again,

an important boost for the Spanish pharmaceutical industry

and the increase in the global production capacity of the future vaccine against Covid-19 to guarantee equitable access to the entire population," they have pointed out from the AEMPS.

In this sense, the AEMPS recalled that it has continued to provide support and maintain contacts with manufacturers, including these companies, to stimulate manufacturing capacities in Spain.

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